1.  Do I need an appointment?
We want all of our brides to have the best experience possible, so appointments are highly recommended on weekdays and necessary on Saturdays.  You can make an appointment online by clicking here.

2. How should I prepare for my appointment?
Start gathering pictures of gowns that catch your eye.  This will help your consultant get a better feel for the look you are trying to accomplish.  
Decide on your budget for your gown.   A beautiful wedding gown can be purchased for any price, but it is a good idea to know what you are comfortable spending before going into the appointment.  Gowns at Bustle range from $1,000 - $4,500 with most gowns falling into the $1,500 - $2,900 range. 

3. What should I wear and bring for my appointment?
For a bridal gown appointment, bring with you a comfortable, well-fitting strapless bra.  It is a good idea to wear your hair in a similar style to what you envision wearing for your wedding day.  This will help you to get a more accurate picture of the "whole look."  We do ask that you wear a minimal amount of makeup/perfume as we try our best to keep our sample gowns as pristine as possible.   
Bring any family and friends that will be honest, positive, and supportive. 

4. Do you have accessories?
Of course!  We have a great collection of beautiful accessories - veils, belts, jackets and gorgeous headpieces.

5. What sizes are your sample gowns?
Our wedding dresses currently range in size from bridal size 8 (street size 4 or 6) to bridal size 14 (street size 10 or 12).   Keep in mind that these sample sizes can be tried on by most brides, regardless of size.  We are pros at helping you see the true fit!
We are thrilled to partner with our best designers to now offer samples in sizes 20-30. Our plus size brides can feel comfortable knowing we have a large selection of wedding dresses for brides of every size. Give us a call and visit our EveryBody/EveryBride page for more info!

6. When should I order my gown?
Most special order gowns require 6 months to arrive.  You will also need to allow ample time for alterations (the tailor to whom we refer prefers to have 6-8 weeks to alter your gown). Therefore, we recommend ordering your gown at least 8 - 9 months before your wedding.   If you plan to take bridal portraits, these are typically 2 months before your wedding - so the gown should be ordered 8 - 9 months before your portraits.   If you do not have the luxury of time, we will consult with you about various rush options (rush fees apply) based on different designers.  

7. How can I find information about my gown order?
You are welcome to call us at any time to check on the status of your gown order.  Keep in mind that we are not typically updated as to the status of your order until it has shipped out to us from the designer, so we may not have many updates for you.  In other words, if you have not heard from us: "no news is good news!"  However, we welcome any phone calls, e-mails, or visits at any time.

8. Will I definitely need alterations?
 Designers do their best to make the gowns with the best fit possible, but they are unable to anticipate your unique shape.  It is rare that a bridal gown will not need any alterations.   Most gowns need at least a hem and to have the bustle sewn in.   Alterations should be expected on any gown.  Based on your measurements, we will consult with you to order the size that will need the least amount of alterations.

9. Are alterations done at Bustle?
Alterations are not done at Bustle.  We refer to a tailor in Baton Rouge who has years of experience and a very long record of very happy brides!